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Tips and Tricks for the Incoming Freshmen

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Hello, hello, hello! UCLA (United Chinese Language Association) is here to provide a big, warm welcome to all the incoming freshmen! Now we all know that starting your first day in a brand new school can be scary and nerve wracking, but don’t you worry. UCLA is here to share some neat tips and tricks as you begin your journey at Baruch!


Attend General Interest Meetings (GIMs), especially for cultural clubs!

Early on in college, everyone gets an immediate feeling of intimidation as a freshman. But as soon as you attend a GIM and get to know several approachable members (especially for cultural clubs like UCLA), you'll naturally grow out of your comfort zone and gravitate back to the club, making it your second home. It's how you make fast friends and enjoy the college adventure!


Don’t be that person who goes home right after your classes!!

We want to encourage you to try and make some friends, go to club events, and find your group. Being at a commuter school, it can be difficult to make some friends, but trust us, it’ll be so rewarding to not just focus on academics :D


Don't be afraid to initiate the conversation with others! Introduce yourself and ask for their names!

Since all of you most likely come from different areas of NY or even from different parts of the world, talk about your high school experiences or about future plans moving forward in college. It might feel awkward on your end but trust me, other students (especially other freshmen) are just as eager to make new friends and would probably be so happy you initiated the conversation.


Organization and productivity are key!

Now that all of you are attending college class, make sure to stay organized and stay on task! Do this by:

  • Working at a location that is NOT close to your bed. Moving away from your bed might be hard, but trust me! This will cause you to be more productive at home and prevent you from wanting to lie on your bed, scrolling through your phone.

  • Creating reminders on your phone to keep track of all your homework and upcoming events. This will ensure you finish your homework and readings in time for the next class!

  • Get dressed and feel put together! Again, this prevents you from jumping back to bed and wanting to fall asleep. Not to mention, you’ll look perfect when you turn that camera on for those zoom sessions ;D.

  • Set up a routine. Setting up a routine will not only allow you to work efficiently and productively, but it will keep you sane! Remember when we began quarantine and our sleep schedule was insane?! Going to sleep at 3-4 am and waking up late in the afternoon was definitely not it. With a routine, you can plan time for school, working out, time with friends, and most importantly, time for yourself.

To wrap this all up, it’s definitely really a different time now, given the remote learning. But fret not and make the most of it! Attend Starr Career Development Center workshops, sign up for CUNY/USG/club emails, and connect with your fellow freshmen through the Baruch 2024 Facebook group chats. Given that everything is online, events, and people (well, for the most part) are even more readily available to you!

Message people who are in majors you are interested in and ask them what it's like. Hit up e-board members about the clubs they're in. Attend those online events they keep spamming you with! You'll never know what can come out of simply attending a game night: the people you'll meet, the memories you'll make, even the career you might end up pursuing. We know you want the best college experience. So acknowledge that things are going to be different and take advantage of it!

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