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No Better Month Than November

This month could not be crazier! Project deadlines, final preparations, the stress of virtual learning, and anticipation for the holidays–when can we catch a break? The answer is: with UCLA! This month, we learned how to de-stress, bonded with the UCLA family, and dived deeper into Chinese culture. Now let us take a walk down memory lane!

1. Philanthropy #2: Unwind and Grind

On November 5th, our wonderful Philanthropy chair Josephine directed us on a mission to find Appa (Avatar fans, where you at?)! The agenda was stacked. We looked for GEN10 leaders in a search game inspired by Where's Waldo, played an intense game of Five Things, and hunted each other in a suspenseful round of Among Us Hide & Seek. As they say, there is no better way to bond than to get competitive. But this time, it might have gotten TOO competitive.

2. General Interest Meeting #3

On November 12th, we held our third GIM of the semester. Our event chairs designed this event for the lonely people out there (just kidding)! Our attendees were asked to put on their favorite knit sweater, grab a nice warm cup of their favorite fall beverage (even if it's pumpkin spice), and spend some time with the team that makes cuffing season feel as irrelevant as professional fishing tournaments. Not only that, but this event re-activated our creative abilities. Check out these Picasso-level artworks!

3. Social #3

On the beautiful afternoon of November 14th, which would otherwise call for an outing, many of us stayed home for this exciting social hosted by our Membership chairs Simon and Kenny! This time, there was only one goal in mind: find out the JUICY details. We asked some odd, some personal, some emotional, and some funny questions. If you missed out on the tea... well, you missed it.

4. Cultural Learning Program #3

This event is dedicated to all the foodies out there! That's right. Thanks to our phenomenal CLP chairs Susie and Lina, the UCLA class got educated. Their presentation covered the most representative dishes of several Chinese provinces. Salty, sweet, sour, spicy–they have it all! Our knowledge was first put to the test with a scavenger hunt activity. Then, our crafting skills were assessed with an attempt at xiao long bao origami. Not all of us were successful, but at least we tried!

And that's a wrap! This month was definitely hectic, but thanks to some well-needed bonding with the entire UCLA family, it couldn't have been better. Hopefully, our events provided that energy boost as we began preparing for the end of the semester. While Fall 2020 has come to an end, the fun doesn't stop here. What do we have in store for Spring 2021? Follow us closely on our website and social media so you're the first to find out!

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