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Marching Into Spring!

This month has been hectic (though at this point, we might be saying that for every month). But before we dive into what April has in store for us, let's take a walk through a flower path in the garden... a.k.a memory lane!

1. General Interest Meeting #2: Spring Cleaning

We kicked off the month with some very much needed spring cleaning! At our second GIM of the semester, our Events VPs led us through a series of activities to help us declutter our minds and manifest some positive energy for the new season. Check out these cuties below!

2. Addressing Anti-Asian Violence

We had the amazing honor of partnering with Fusion, VSA, OSL, and Baruch's Counseling Center for this incredibly critical discussion. The recent surge in xenophobia and violence towards the Asian community has completely taken us by storm, but an important takeaway is that the history regarding this runs deep, and the journey to rectification will be a long and difficult one. At this event, we learned about the history of systemic racism against Asians, opened the floor for discussion, and considered the paths we can take to protect our communities. Thank you to everyone who joined together for this event. In numbers there is strength, and in strength there is hope!

3. Cultural Learning Program #2: Race of the 12 Zodiacs

Raise your hand if you love history! Oh... no one? Well, if it's history taught by our lovely CLP committee, then you can't deny it. This time, we learned about the legendary race of the Chinese zodiacs and got competitive to see which of the zodiacs reigned supreme.

4. Social #2: Can You Keep A Secret, We Are Gonna Take Down the Mafia

Snitches get STITCHES! At our second Social of the semester, we tested your perceptiveness with some games to find our missing Membership VPs. We racked your brains for this one, so here's a belated apology because we know midterms have you stressed enough. Thankfully, we found the culprit (Coby) so it was all worth it! Kenny and Simon have been recovered safe and sound.

5. Mentorship #2: Are You Ready for the Real World?

At our second Mentorship event of the semester, our Mentorship VP Timothy asked us a very thought-provoking question... are you ready for the real world? Unfortunately, this question was too deep and sobering for our state at the time. The answer is a resounding NO. But as usual, the Mentorship committee had the right solution for us! With some guidance on how to navigate our ideal career path, we all left more ready than ever.

6. ASCEND x UCLA BKD Innovation Tournament

Special thanks to Ascend for this awesome collaboration! Participants got to develop and present their pitches to BKD, and win prizes for the 3 best ideas. The question they tackled was: How (and/or what) can BKD do to better reach, support, and/or understand diversity and inclusivity in recruitment or in our everyday work? Show their post some love below.

7. MOB x UCLA Spring Breakers

We can never have too much fun! This time, we joined forces with MOB for a casual and exciting social. We got to know each other through some "icebreaker-like" games. Except this time, we're ringing in the start of spring break together! There was truly no better way to relax on a Friday evening.

8. AISEC X UCLA Anti-Asian Violence Discussion

Once again, we had the special honor of hosting this important event alongside AISEC to discuss the violence that is affecting our APPI communities. This was a vital opportunity to continue to stay informed about what is going on, share our experiences, and be allies despite these difficult times. Thank you to AISEC and all attendees as we took the chance to listen and learn from one another!

9. Binghamton CASU x Cornell CSA x Baruch UCLA Speed Dating Fundraiser

We ended this month with some good lovin' at our speed dating fundraiser hosted alongside the Chinese cultural organizations at Binghamton and Cornell! Some of us met with potential dates, some of us got together for group activities, but all of us contributed to protect our communities! All proceeds were donated towards Protect Chinatown, and we are more than happy to announce that we have collectively raised approximately $1,400. That's a STIMMY CHECK!

For more resources on how to support Asian communities, please reference this graphic:

And that's a wrap for March!

This month has called for a lot of reflection, seeing as to how we've made it past our quarantine anniversary and yet we are still currently restricted to virtual learning. From the pandemic, to recent world events, to schoolwork, to jobs–there has been a lot on everyone's minds and plates. Shout out to everyone who stopped by our events this month and helped spread some positivity. As distressing these times have been, we are ecstatic that you all come through with smiles on your faces ☺️ Don't forget to follow us on our social media and drop by our Discord club room so we can connect. Finally, pinky promise us you'll be at our next event!

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