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Let's Celebrate the Month of Love!

This month might be the shortest of the year, but it couldn't be more eventful. As we adjusted into the spring semester, we celebrated Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, and gathered for a number of other events. Single? Maybe. Lonely? I think not!

1. Lunar New Year Festival

We kicked off the semester strong with our highly-awaited Lunar New Year Festival! We had the very special honor of inviting Andrew Garcia, AJ Rafael, Jeff Bernat, and Clara Lu to perform at our event. It would be an understatement to say they blew us away with their amazing talents! On top of that, our cutie patootie hosts Alina (VP of Events) and Susie (VP of CLP) guided us through the night, while Leo (VP of Events) and Simon (VP of Membership) kept us at the edge of our seats with some competitive games. For a quick throwback, watch our recap. (Don't forget to subscribe to our channel!)

2. General Interest Meeting #1 : Feel the Love

At our first GIM of the semester, we celebrated a belated Valentine's Day together! Our VPs of Events Leo and Alina planned a special escape room game to put our romance skills to the test. It was a lot harder than we expected (Shakespeare plays, Drake albums, Ed Sheeran lyrics??!) but of course, there is nothing we can't do with teamwork. Afterwards, we got to know each other with an intimate round of bingo!

3. Social #1 : Game Night

As usual, our VPs of Membership always bring the heat! On this wonderful Saturday night, Kenny and Simon hosted some games so we can unravel from the stress of the school week. Did we make friends... or enemies? Well, if you'd rather shake hands without your mask than bodyodyodyody then there's really not much more to say between us.

4. Mentorship #1 : Campus Life in a Pandemic

We know it's been difficult taking online classes in this time! That's why our very own Mentorship Coordinator Timothy hosted this event, especially directed towards freshmen and transfer students at Baruch. We discussed the various resources that Baruch has to offer, campus organizations, and how best to navigate our academic and social life in the virtual space. We hope you picked up some useful tips!

5. Cultural Learning Program #1 : Lantern Festival

Just as we approached the end of the month, we were also approaching the end of Lunar New Year festivities! The Lantern Festival marks the final day of Lunar New Year celebrations, and falls on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Chinese calendar. Our VPs of CLP, Lina and Susie, as well as their wonderful committee had some fun activities in store for us! We deciphered some proverbs and riddles, then put our childhood origami skills to use with some DIY paper lanterns.

Now let's spring into March! As difficult as this pandemic has been for many of us, UCLA will always be here to help you relax and have fun. Keep a close eye on our social media to stay updated on the events that we have planned for the month. In the meantime, make sure you wear your mask, social distance, and get started on that essay you keep pushing back!

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