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BOO! Here's An October Recap

Could you believe that it’s already November? In four more months, we will not have been on campus for a year. But let’s not think about that. Instead, let’s think about the past month of October. It was midterm season for many of us, but in spite of the academic workload most of our club members were experiencing, we still managed to have a lot of fun.

On October 10th, our wonderful membership chairs hosted Social #2. The sole purpose of our socials is to bond and have fun. Take all the stress that has built up from online classes, homework, essays, and exams, and redirect that energy into some intense games. This time, we brought it back to the basics and played Mafia!

On October 15th, we held our long-awaited Mid-Autumn Moonfest! That’s right. To be honest, all of the leadership chairs were very anxious about this event. Would it be possible for us to replicate the same energy and entertainment as the in-person event? But even though all events for the semester have been made virtual, we were determined to proceed with this event and provide a fun night for all our attendees. Special thanks to our guest performers who made this night extra special.

On October 22nd, our amazing CLP chairs hosted CLP #2! For those who may be new, CLP stands for Cultural Learning Program. At CLP events, attendees get the chance to learn about Chinese culture as well as participate in fun activities.This time, we celebrated the origins of tea. Check out these screencaps!

Finally, on October 29th we celebrated Halloween together at GIM #2! Our events chairs prepared Aha slides for us to get to know eachother, Musical Kahoot so we can guess popular song lyrics, and virtual pumpkin carving to test our creativity!

Make sure to check our website calendar and social media for updates about our upcoming events for the month of November. We have a lot in store! Students are free to attend whichever events they are interested in, but remember that we have requirements to become an official member. Find out how by clicking here!

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