How do I become a UCLA member?

To verify as a UCLA member, you must fulfill event attendance requirements of at least

  • 1 General Interesting Meeting
  • 1 Social/Philanthropy
  • 1 Chinese Learning Program
An induction ceremony is held by the end of every semester congratulating you on board.

How do I apply to one of the committees?

Committee applications open twice a year per semester. We highly encourage you to join one of our committees because it is a great way to get involved on campus and meet other members of our organization. See Membership for more information.

Where can I meet more UCLA-ers?

You can meet more of our members at our events or local club room on Baruch College campus.

Do I need to have a Chinese background to join?

We have no ethnicity requirements!

Does UCLA have any affiliates with other universities?

We are not affiliated with any other universities however we do collaborate with other Asian culture clubs at other campuses.

Does joining UCLA require any monetary fee?

Membership is free as long as you fulfill the requirements!

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