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The United Chinese Language Association (UCLA) at Baruch College strives to promote Chinese American awareness and an increased understanding for Chinese culture and heritage on campus. Through our pillars of Culture, Family, Service and Mentorship, we provide a lifelong network of fellowship and community for our members, bringing together the diverse student body of Baruch College and promoting an increased tolerance for diversity on campus. 


Festivals are central to the Chinese culture in all parts of the world. We invite students of all backgrounds to celebrate these festivals and learn more about their meanings and customs.


Our members are the lifeblood of our organization. We support each other and act as a family unit, building relationships through excursions, games, and laid-back afternoon conversations.


Reaching beyond the walls of Baruch College, UCLA aims to make a difference in New York City. We ask our members to organize volunteer opportunities in all neighborhoods of the city.


Through our mentorship program, we aim to bridge the gap between old and new members to build stronger friendships.

Culture, Family, Service and Mentorship nurture the growth of mind and spirit. We at UCLA believe that education isn’t a journey traveled exclusively in the library. We have made the commitment to be students and explorers of life, and we hope you will join us in our odyssey.

十年樹木, 百年樹人。

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